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Building resilience to climate disasters

Are you financially prepared for the next disaster?

Insurance sells a promise: To offer economic security and make you whole again when you suffer a damage or loss.

But this promise is often an illusion: Insurance policies are often confusing and can include massif coverage gaps in form of exclusions and high deductibles. Claims are often paid slowly or get rejected. Especially when you are impacted by a hurricane or another large-scale disaster, you often have to wait months before you receive your claim check.

Parachute’s protection products are different. We offer you immediate financial relief when a disaster strikes. Our policies are crystal clear. You know what you get when, and you can verify the claim decisions anytime.

Parachute rewires insurance with parametric protection for climate disasters

Fast Payments

Delivers "Emergency cash" quickly after a disaster strikes.

Simple Processes

Agreements in plain language that are easy to understand and approve.

Reliable Protection

Automated claims triggered by verifiable weather data.