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Hurricane Protection

Hurricanes are a frequent phenomenon along the Atlantic Coast, causing havoc every year.

With our supplemental hurricane protection, we help you weather the storm: Parachute pays you emergency cash when a hurricane strikes. With this money you can pay for any damages or expenses caused by the storm, e.g., replace damaged items, remove trees, purchase a generator and fuel, or make up for lost wages. 

Buy yourself the piece of mind: Get protected by Parachute!


Less then 60 sec to sign-up. We just need your address to give you a quote. Within 24 hours after the hurricane, you will get emergency cash.

Straight Forward

No need to file a claim, we initiate this for you. An easy to understand product, without deductibles, exclusions or other “bad” claim surprises.


Claims are triggered by objective data based on trusted data sources. You can access and review the data anytime.


Built on a modern, data-driven platform, we cut out the “waste” and unnecessary expenses to be able to offer you the protection you need at low rates.